ZenMate Ultimate: Streaming Guarantee

ZenMate knows that you cannot wait for the next episode!

We at ZenMate understand the importance of being able to watch your favorite show when and where you want to. We know that being on holiday is no excuse. Neither is that business trip. Nothing should get between you and the latest episode of all that awesomeness.

So, ZenMate has build THE SINGLE MUST ROBUST network that makes accessing your favorite shows simple, safe and GUARANTEED! Yes, we are so confident in our service that we are putting our money where our mouths are.

How does it work?

ZenMate Ultimate customers can nominate their preferred streaming service provider. We watch our network to determine whether access to your provider is seamless, fast and reliable. If we find out that it is not, our team will respond as fast as possible to fix it. And afterwards, we will honour our guarantee to you in the form of a generous discount against your next payment. And yes, because we do not log any of your online activity, we will naturally assume that you were trying to watch your favorite show if there is any problems, so you will get the reward even if it did not impact your viewing pleasure.

The fine print

Yes, as with everything in life, there is fine print. Here is our's....

To qualify for our Streaming Guarantee, you must have a valid subscription to our Ultimate service, and that subscription must be set to recur sometime in the future. You must also have your "preferred provider" set on the settings page prior to the start of the "loss of service" event.

"Loss of service" is considered to be an event where the service provider has recognized that that you are not accessing their service from the country they specify. Loss of Service excludes failure of the specific server. Loss of service is deemed to have started at the time we receive the first support request for the service, as long as the loss of service is verified by our technical team, or when out automated testing system detects a loss of service event, whichever is the sooner.

The reward for Loss of Service is calculated according to the following table, with the duration calculated for verified events from the time of the first report until the time the engineers verified that service was restored.

The reward has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. The rewards can only be applied to the next payment due on your Ultimate subscription. We reserve the right to withdraw the Streaming Guarantee, with notice, however any earned rewards will be retained for the duration of your subscription to ZenMate. Should Streaming Guarantee be withdrawn, you will have the option to downgrade your service to a lower tier of ZenMate's offerings and retain any rewards earned.