ZenMate’s Statement Regarding WebRTC Leaks

ZenMate would like to address the issue with WebRTC IP leaks that vpnMentor pointed out. We have been aware of the WebRTC issue since Google introduced WebRTC in its Chrome browser. The possibility of privacy implications with WebRTC is generic to every VPN, not just ZenMate, and does not affect our Desktop and Mobile Clients. We would like to point out that we have been open with our communication regarding this. Back then, we immediately created a support article that explains the issue and tells the user what to do in order to prevent these IP leaks. We also included this explanation in the Google Chrome store description of our extension.

The vpnMentor article has been updated since its release and now clarifies that ZenMate's minor vulnerability can be avoided with our quick workaround. We appreciate the work that vpnMentor is doing and the fact that they address potential risks as our user’s security and privacy are of utter importance to us. We put a lot of effort in protecting both - in fact, we are one of very few commercial VPN companies that operate under strictest German privacy laws and do not track, log or sell our user’s data, unlike many other companies in this field. It is a sad truth that our data protection approach is not a common one in the industry.

One of the reasons why we decided not to block WebRTC in our extension like some of our competitors do is that there are quite a few web services out there that rely on WebRTC. It is a complex matter and simply disabling it without educating the user on possible downsides is unfortunately not an option for us as we try to provide the best user experience possible. 

Let us cut to the chase: To solve the web leak issue immediately, we would like to refer back to the above mentioned support article and suggest that our users install the extension ‘WebRTC Network Limiter’. Please select option 4 as instructed on the image below.WebRTC instructionsWe now realize that this process may not be clear enough. This is why we are currently working on a dedicated new ZenMate product that will protect specifically against WebRTC privacy issues in a more user-friendly way. This new product will be promoted through our VPN extension whenever WebRTC is being used and interconnects with our VPN.